The Big Reveal

When I was working with Pastor Frank during his trial, I was struck again by how powerful the personal anecdote is when it comes to media relations. Personal stories have always been the key to connecting individuals to a larger audience, and now with social media, the opportunity to connect is enormous. When clients share a personal detail from their life, editors and producers have a way in.

Part of Pastor Frank’s success with getting his story out to a larger audience was his willingness to reveal his personal story. We were pitching everyone: NPR, , New York Times, ABC news . When we finally had luck with Good Morning, America, it was Pastor Frank’s details that made an impression on the producer. She happened to have grown up in Frank’s hometown, and taken music classes at his church. That one, personal connection with the producer was our way in. The story mattered more to her because she felt included, involved, and responsible. Her personal connection to Frank’s church allowed us to touch a lot of people with Frank’s story.  In short: be revealing. Yes, you’re an expert, but you’re also a human being.

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