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My Bountiful Berkshires Detour

As I made my 165th trip down the Mass Pike on my way to the Berkshires, I did what I always do: made a mental “must purchase” list of some of my favorite Berkshires-only goodies. After so many visits, I have acquired quite the stockpile of specialty, made-in-the-Berkshires-must-haves, and it dawned on me that others […]

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No Is the Only Word That Means No

So many of my clients find the story- pitching process mysterious. Let me tell you, pitching is not anyone’s favorite task. The whole process can be uncomfortable, from sending out blind emails to waiting uncertainly for a reply, and it’s easy to get discouraged. But I always try to remind myself of one truth: no […]

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The Big Reveal

When I was working with Pastor Frank during his trial, I was struck again by how powerful the personal anecdote is when it comes to media relations. Personal stories have always been the key to connecting individuals to a larger audience, and now with social media, the opportunity to connect is enormous. When clients share […]

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