Favorite Media Training Tip #1: Bridging

When it’s time to prepare a client for radio interviews, TV appearances or any interaction with media, I have a number of favorite strategies. All of them help make them comfortable and camera-ready, but bridging is among the best of the bunch.

Bridging is the art of building a bridge to the point you really want to make, no matter the question. I always advise my clients to come up with three points you want to make, even though you may not use them. Be prepared, and it always comes in handy. If the media rep happens to run off topic, or rambles, or just has a bad day, build a bridge. That’s the moment you can be the expert (after all, that’s why they’re interviewing you!) and move the discussion along. “That’s a great question, and the question underneath that your audience may also be interested in is…” Always be respectful as you bridge, and your interviewer will be thrilled with your participation.

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